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Whilst many of the issues that Fathers face are universal, Black Fathers undoubtedly face an extra set of challenges. Black men have been disproportionally represented in the Criminal Justice System and Mental Health provisions as a result of the structural, systemic racism and microaggressions that they experience. 

For one reason or another mainstream media refuses to show positive images of black men and fathers and therefore there is a narrative that has been created, around who and what black men are.

We wanted to highlight and share some of the experiences of Black Fathers so that we could redefine the narrative of who they are.

During the Summer of 2021, we traveled around the UK, from London to Brighton to Derby and Manchester, just so that we could capture a variety of stories stories, experiences, and journeys of fatherhood. 

The 67-minute documentary will be shown, up and down the UK with the opportunity for Q&As with the maker David Mullings and on some occasions some of the Fathers who are featured.

If you are interested in hosting a viewing of the documentary please use the Contact Us section on the home page, alternatively, send an email to 

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