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 Coaching & Advocacy 


Support for parents is often viewed as something negative, however, we are of the view that ALL parents would benefit from evaluating their parenting in one area or another

We work with parents in a 1-1 capacity via a School, local authority or referral. self


Do you need support setting boundaries and routines in your home?

Is your child's behaviour becoming unmanageable? 

If the answer to either of these questions is yes then we provide a support service which can assist you. 

How it works

We will meet with you on at least two occasions for the purpose of completing an assessment and identifying issues that we believe may be contributing to your current situation. As part of the assessment is we will devise a plan which we believe will support positive changes for your family.

The plan will be shared with you and further support offered to help you to implement any identified changes. 



Are children’s services involved with your family? Are you confused or feel like overwhelming? We provide an advocacy service that can support and accompany you to meetings whilst offering advice and guidance. 

How it works

We will meet and accompany you to meetings, make representation on your behalf as well as reading reports and letters and offering advice and guidance.


For parents who would like parental coaching or advocacy support, you can self-referral to our service, however, this is not a FREE service but we do offer a FREE Consultation on your situation, you can do so by clicking HERE

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