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 LAUNCHED ON 28/7/18 


DR Neville Lawrence

With 12 years experience of supporting Fathers we recognise that there are some universal issues that Fathers face. We also acknowledge that there are some issues that are more prevalent with certain communities and cultures.

For that reason we decided to start a campaign called Black Fathers Matter too!

We launched this campaign with the support of Father2 Father  and

DR Neville Lawrence Chair of the Violent Crime Prevention Board (VCPB)

on Saturday 28 July 2018 where we invited Fathers to bring their children and join us for a picnic, fun and games in Hyde park. The pictures and videos on this page were taken on the day.


1. Show and highlight positive Images and stories of Black Fathers as we recognise that mainstream media fails to do so. We hope that such stories and images will serve as an encouragement to Fathers who may struggle in their roles.

2. We want to encourage Black Fathers to support and address some of the challenges affecting black youth such as high and disproportionate

exclusion rates, bias in the criminal

justice system, high levels of violent crime as well as the unconscious

bias that black youth can expect in various situations.

Father Figure will be collaborating with a number organisations in a bid to achieve our aims.

We will be hosting  more picnics, activities as well as workshops which will be geared specifically to Black Fathers.

Look out for BFMt merchandise coming soon! 

ITV's Weather Man Martin Stew gave us a personal forecast for the day.

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