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Like formal mediation, informal mediation promotes building positive relationships and is less stressful and a more cost-effective way of dealing with matters. Whilst our mediation is informal it can be just as impactful as formal mediation and extremely cost-effective in comparison. With our sessions, you only pay for the session and not individually.  


We can assist where two parties are relatively civil to each other and want to reach an agreement. 

We can help you to:


  •  Often clients need to identify smaller issues which need to be resolved before the major issues can be agreed. Once the smaller issues are identified and discussed, clients find that the major issues are much easier to deal with. Sometimes clients need help to identify the issues that need to be agreed, which can start the journey towards an agreement. 

  •  We can help you identify what further information (if any) is required to enable you to reach an agreement. We can also help you source this information.  

  • Guidance  - It is so easy to get off track in discussions where nothing can get agreed. We can direct you back to the issues and make suggestions as to the options available to you both. New options can come to light during these discussions so that agreement becomes possible.  

  • We provide an environment in which you can discuss and agree on smaller issues as well as the major issues to ensure you are clear on what has and what has not been agreed. In our experience, clients can come to the sessions saying nothing is agreed to find that some of the issues have been agreed so that acknowledgment of that can be built upon.        

  • The discussions are documented during the meeting after which we will send you a written summary of the discussions together with a schedule of what has been agreed and what needs to be agreed.  


These meetings can either be a starting point to moving towards agreement or enabling agreement to be reached between you both.  



 Informal Mediation 

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