If you are a professional working in the borough of Brent in either Social Care or on the Early Help Team then you may be eligible to make a referral to our service. 


Referral Process

As of March 2020, All support offered by this service will take place via video calls ONLY! Please check that your client has a Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop or PC with internet access.

All referrals must be made via the Early Help/Family Solutions panel process which takes place once a month. For panel dates or urgent referral please make contact with Simon Topping or Nicky Case.


If you suspect that your client may be resistant or unsure about a referral to our service then please play this video for him.











Making the Referral


Your client may have watched the video and still be unsure about working with us, by clicking HERE  and selecting Practitioner referral call you can arrange a telephone conversation between us and your clientDuring this conversation, we will answer any queries your client may have and then feedback to you the referer. 

The link above may also be used to arrange a call back regarding a case you would like to discuss.


Great so your client has agreed to the referral.

All referrals must come via the Father Figure referral form which can be downloaded HERE

Please always use this link when making a referral to be sure you are using our latest referral form.

Once a referral is made we will:

  • Create a Support Plan - based on the identified needs

  • The plan agreed & signed by the client

  • Weekly/fortnightly 1hour 1:1 Sessions

  • Session reports sent after each session 

  • Final report upon completion of support


Schools are places where parents leave their children on a daily basis with an expectation that they will be educated by staff, who are trained to do just that.

Up and down the country children present teachers with issues and behaviours often linked to issues within the home.

Fundamentally teachers are not trained to deal with many of the issues that they encounter in the classroom. 


Our PSA service works with parents, helping to bridge the gap between home and school. With our bespoke approach, it's our experience that being an outside independent agency often helps parents to work with us in an honest and transparent way, leading to real measurable change.


Upon the conclusion of our work with a family, we will leave the School with a Family Support Plan (FSP) to enable that there is continued support in place to sustain and encourage long-term change


If you think families in your school could benefit from such a service contact us now! This service can be spot purchased by your School on an As & When basis.