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Since 2012, our organisation has established a collaborative partnership with Brent Council. During this period, we were responsible for conceptualising and executing the Fathers In Brent (FIB) initiative. This program involved organizing events for fathers and their children on Saturdays at Children's Centers across the borough, as well as facilitating swimming sessions on Friday evenings at Willesden Sports Centre.

In addition to the FIB initiative, Father Figure expanded its support to fathers individually. This involved collaborating with Fathers through one-on-one interactions, with referrals from various sources such as the Early Help team, AST, and Social Care.

Referral Process

In March 2023, we undertook a strategic shift in our collaboration with Brent Council. Our engagement now centers exclusively around Social Care cases related to Looked After Children (LAC) or Child Protection (CP). This change has brought about a shift to a case-specific funding model, wherein referrals necessitate the endorsement of a senior manager.


Making the Referral

If you are considering making a referral and would appreciate a preliminary discussion with us, kindly click on the link provided HERE  and choose the option for "Practitioner Referral Call." Through this selection, you can coordinate a telephone conversation between us and your client. Throughout this discussion, we will address any inquiries your client might have and subsequently provide you, the referrer, with feedback.


Excellent news that your client has consented to the referral.

For all referrals, we require the utilisation of the Father Figure referral form, available for download  HERE

We kindly request that you consistently employ this link when submitting a referral to ensure you are utilizing our most up-to-date referral form.

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