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 Support at Court 




McKenzie Friend 

We Provide A McKenzie Friend Service, which supports parents who are attempting to establish contact with a child or children with whom contact is being denied. 

Every case that we have supported through the family court process has resulted in contact being re-established with their child/children and we are very proud of our 100% success rate.

A McKenzie Friend is a non-legally qualified person who can sit with you during a court hearing, not as a representative but to offer advice and assistance.         


A McKenzie Friend Can...

  • Assist with letter writing and preparing documents for the court.

  • Attending court and pre-trial meetings with you,

  • Negotiate with the other side outside the courtroom,

  • Take notes and prepare questions/submissions in advance of the hearing,

  • On occasion, and with permission from the Judge, speak on your behalf.


Our Ethos 

Our service is Unique, Why?

Because You Pick Us & We Pick You Too!

Unlike other McKenzie friend services, we will not take on all cases referred to us.

Father Figure regards the welfare of the child as paramount as such we will only consider cases

where we believe the contact is in the best interest of the child.



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