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Come along to Father Figures 9th annual Fathers Day celebration, and play for the Barber & Fathers Cup where teams with players aged 16 and over will compete against each other.

This competition is fierce and not for the faint-hearted, this year we expect the competition to be hotly contested with Elite Barbers 3 times winner and Faisal's Barbers 2-time winners coming to regain the trophy from last years first-time winners S & R Barber Plaza.

To register a team in this years competition fill in the form below, click the PAY NOW button below select B&F Cup to secure your team place. The Entrance fee is  £50 and all teams must be registered by 20th May 2018.


Thanks for submitting!



Tournament Rules

  • An F.A qualified referee shall be appointed to officiate in each game, he will have the same powers and duties as laid down in the Laws of the game. The referees’ decision is final.

  • Any violent conduct will result in the IMMEDIATE disqualification of an individual or team. 

  • Each game will be played for a straight 12 minutes. 

  • There will be a 5-minute break between games and both games should kick off at the same time.

  • A kick-off/restart is taken at the center of the playing area to start the game and after a goal has been scored.

  • All fouls will result in a direct free kick.

  • Goalkeepers are not allowed outside their areas. If a keeper comes out of the area this will result in a penalty.

  • Goalkeepers can only throw the ball out under arm only from goal (ball must remain in the same half of the pitch).

  • The goalkeeper can only kick out from goal kicks (ball must remain in the same half of the pitch).

  • Goal kicks must be taken the goal line.

  • If the goalkeeper passes the ball to a player that player must complete one pass before the ball can be passed back to the goalkeeper.

  • All throw-ins to be underarm only by players.

  • No offsides.

  • Players are allowed inside both their own goal area as well as the opposition area.

  • The ball is allowed above head height

  • In the event of two or more teams being equal on points, the team with the best goal difference shall take procedure.

  • In the event of goal difference being equal, the team scoring the most goals shall take procedure. In the event of both teams scoring the same number of goals the team winning the group match shall take procedure.

  • In the event of this being a draw penalty competition in accordance with International board regulations shall take place to decide which team shall take procedure.

  • Players substituted during a game can return to the field of play of the same match. Roll on roll off subs

  • Please note the playing surface will be 3G so please ensure your footwear is appropriate.

  • In the event of a team leaving the event for any reason, all teams they have not played will receive 0 points for that fixture.

  • There will be no slide tackles!

  • Semifinals and Finals will be played in two 10 minute half’s 

  • The top two teams in each group will form a new group where the top team in Group One will play the 2nd place team in Group Two and vice versa.

  • The winner of this Group will be crowned, The Barbers & Father Cup 2019 CHAMPIONS

  • The 3rd and 4th place teams will do as above but will play for the wooden spoon.

  • In total, all teams will play at least 5 games with the finalists play 6 games.


The competition organisers have the right to decide upon any matters not covered by these rules, their decisions being final and binding on all parties.

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