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Young’s Football Coaching School in Partnership with Father Figure will be hosting the 3rd United Youth 7-A-Side Cup.


Why not be part of this year's competition and join us to help



You can enter as part of an existing team, an individual or with a group of friends, all are welcome.

Places are limited as there will be a maximum of 10 teams, so make sure you register early

by completing the form below by 15th May 2019.

 This year we have an entrance fee for teams of £20.00, which will need

to be paid once we have confirmed your place in the competition.

Once you have completed your registration and your place has been confirmed please pay your teams £20 entrance fee clicking the Pay Now button below after that then complete our waiver for by clicking the button below.

Enter as an Individual or a Team



Thanks for submitting!

Tournament Rules

  1. Teams are 7 aside

  2. Maximum of 11 players per squad

  3. Full list of players must be submitted to organisers before the tournament starts

  4. All players must be aged 12-13yrs parental permission required

  5. Any un-sporting behaviour will result in immediate disqualification from the tournament

  6. Kick off 11 am and players need to be registered prior to kick off. Registration on the day will be between 10.00 - 10.45 am

  7. Full points will be awarded to the team present in the absence of the opposition

  8. Overhead balls are permitted

  9. Throw-ins only

  10. If two teams finish on the same points the team with the superior goal difference will advance

  11. The top 4 teams will play each other in a straight knock out match 1 v 3 & 2 v 4 and the final.

  12. The tournament will be played in accordance with the FA guidelines, a copy of which can be sent if required. 

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